Hidden Sabbath Truths

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Hidden Sabbath Truths

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In two parts, Hidden Sabbath Truths explores the creation of the Sabbath and its ultimate redemptive meaning. Bohr offers many stunning new perspectives that will simply astonish readers-offering clear, detailed answers to previously unexplored questions such as: Why didn't God give Adam and Eve a direct command to keep the Sabbath? Why doesn't Genesis mention an evening and a morning of the seventh day? and more.

Author: Stephen Bohr
ISBN: 978-1933291260
SKU: RP1044
Format: Paperback
Pages: 80


Popular Bible teacher Pastor Stephen Bohr reexamines the Sabbath day in a brand-new light, bringing a fresh, exhilarating, and biblical perspective that will reignite your passion for God's holy day. It's also a powerful sharing tool that connects the Sabbath with Christ's work of redemption and to the creation of the new heavens and new earth, drawing other believers in a way that will fascinate and convict them of this vital Bible truth.

Says Pastor Bohr, "For a very long time I have wanted to connect the Sabbath specifically with Christ's work of redemption and how it will continue to be meaningful to believers in the new earth. This book has allowed me to do that in an earnest effort to appeal to those who want to follow God's Word." The book's powerful message also combats the alarming trend of the acceptance of evolutionary teaching in churches today.

Pastor Stephen Bohr grew up in Venezuela and Colombia where his parents served as missionaries. Because of his keen insight into the Bible and last-day events, he has received invitations to speak in such diverse places as Argentina, Australia, Alaska, Hawaii, New York, the Caribbean, Europe and Asia.

Table of Contents Part One
Serious Questions
Who the Story of Creation Is Really about?
How God Rested
What Does It Mean to Enjoy the Experience of Rest?
When Was the Sabbath Blessed?
Why God Waited to Bless the Sabbath
Tremendous Implications for Us
When Will God "Break" His Rest?
An Important Question
The Sabbath Essential for Man
"Sabbath of the Jews"?
Part of God's Overall Plan

Part Two
The Sabbath Takes on New Meaning
A Sign of Redemption
Spiritual Food in the Desert
What Is the Real "Word of God"?
"I Am the Bread of Life?
Fast Forward in Time
One More Dimension
Why Monthly Worship?
Why Weekly Worship?
The Powers of Heaven Are Shaken

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