Country Kitchen Collection from Silver Hills Guest House (Book)

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Country Kitchen Collection from Silver Hills Guest House (Book)

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Fantastically delicious and nutritious vegetarian recipes and meal plans.

Author: Phil & Eileen Brewer
ISBN: 978-1878726209
SKU: 501-004
Format: Spiral Bound
Pages: 281


Country Kitchen Collection not only contains over 350 fantastically delicious vegetarian recipes but it also has them organized into complete menus for every meal. All the recipes are high fiber, low fat, and cholesterol free. Contains high fiber, lowfat, entirely cholesterol free recipes that are healthful and tasty. Offers complete menus for daily meals, holidays and special occasions.

Some of the most rapid changes in the lifestyle of mankind have taken place since the turn of the century. We have come a long way from the rural farming community to the modern computer-orientated city. Not only have our clothes, houses and entertainment changed, but also our eating habits and health. Since 1900 sugar consumption has gone up over 200%. Fat consumption has almost doubled and the use of grains ihas dropped by half. The local country store has changed into a chain of supermarkets with thousands of prepared toods ready for eating. With all these improvements you would expect that our health would be improving, but actually the results are just the opposite. Medical expenditures overthe past 20 years have reached an all-time high and many diseases are a result of our health habits.

Silver Hills Guest House, built in the mountains of British Columbia, is dedicated to teaching guests how to regain their health according to nature's laws. We use the eight natural doctors, sunlight, rest, exercise, water, good food, temperance, fresh air, and trust In God to assist nature in the battle with disease. During the twenty-one days that a guest spends with us, we serve them a wide variety of vegetarian foods. Country Kitchen Collection is an outgrowth of the menus we serve each day at our table for the benefit of our health guests.

In Country Kitchen Collection we have tried to make the recipes as tasty and nutritious as possible. When it comes to eating we all have personal preferences; some have allergies, and other have convictions. These menus and recipes are not meant to establish rules or regulations but only to offer you assistance in the art of cookery. The Menus in this book are suggestions only. Change according to your family's tastes, desires, and availability. Plan your menus to get a variety each week. Choose from these six different categories, Beans, Pastas; Rice, Soups, Patties, Casseroles and Loaves. You will find that this will save you alot of time and frustration.

"Let not the work of cooking be looked upon as a sort of slavery. What wou Id become of those in our world if all who are engaged in cooking should give up their work with the flimsy excuse that it is not sufficiently dignified? Cooking may be regarded as less desirable than some other lines of work but in reality it is a science in value above all other sciences. Thus God regards the preparation of healthful food. He places a high estimate on those who do faithful service in preparing wholesome, palatable food. The one who understands the art of properly preparing food, and who uses this knowledge is worthy of higher commendation than those engaged in any other line of work. This talent should be regarded as equal in value to ten talents; for its right use has much to do with keeping the human organism in health. Because so inseparable connected with life and health, it is the most valuable of all gifts." Counsels on Diets & Food 25

Table of Contents BREAKFAST
1) French Toast
2) Granola
3) Waffles
4) Scrambled Tofu/Omlet
5) Seven Grain Cereal.
6) Baked Oatmeal
7) Whole Wheat Crepes
8) Barley Flakes/Pudding
9) Oat Bran Cereal
10) Rice Pudding
11) Sunny Boy Cereal
12) Cornmeal Cereal
13) Fruit Crisp
14) Fruity Breakfast Pudding
15) Cracked Wheat Cereal
16) Cooked Millet

1) Millet Barley Loaf
2) Bread Dressing
3) Zucchini Casserole
4) Tofu Roast
5) Gluten Pinwheels
6) Tamale Pie
7) Cashew Rice Loaf
8) One Dish Meal
9) Lentil Loaf
10) Irish Stew
11) Betty's Gluten Steaks

1) Tofu Oatmeal Patties
2) Big Macs
3) Soy Oat Patties
4) Millet Patties
5) Shamburgers
6) Walnut Burgers
7) Millet Meat Balls
8) Oat Burgers

1) Spaghetti
2) Tofu Manicotti
3) Lasagna
4) Macaroni & Cheese
5) Tofu Shells
6) Burmese Kawk Sauce/Soy Noodles

1) Chilli
2) Mazidra
3) Garbanzo Goulash
4) Haystacks
5) Sweet & Sour Casserole
6) Sloppy Joe's
7) Baked Navy Beans
8) June's Beans, Beans, Beans

1) Cabbage Rolls
2) Spinach Bake
3) Chow Mein's Chinese Food
4) Hawaiian Rice
5) Stroganoff
6) Curry

1) Tomato Vegetable Soup
2) Frenchies Tomato Soup
3) Borscht
4) Corn Chowder
5) Cauliflower Soup
6) Split Pea Chowder
7) Lentil Soup
8) Vegetable Lima Bean Soup
9) Eileen's Favorite Cucumber Soup
10) Cream of Potato Soup

1) Pizza
2) Birthday
3) Thanksgiving
4) Christmas
5) Bonfire Special
6) Picnics &Lunches
7) Tea for Two
8) The Little Things

1) Milk
2) Sauces & Creams
3) Butter
4) Jams
5) Mayonnaise &Dressing
6) Cheese
7) Gravy
8) Canning
9) Miscellaneous

1) Bread
2) Quick Breads
3) Vegetables
4) Salads
5) Desserts

1) Breakfast
2) Casseroles & Loaves
3) Burgers &Patties
4) Pastas, Moulds &Cheese
5) Beans
6) Rice
7) Soups &Sandwiches
8) Holiday Specials
9) Breads


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