Rachel Oakes Preston (1809- 1868)

Rachel Preston Rachel (Harris) Oakes Preston was a Seventh- day Baptist who persuaded a group of Seventh- day Adventists to accept the Sabbath and thus to become in that sense a Seventh- day Adventist.

She was born in Vernon, Vermont and joined the Methodist Church then later joined the Seventh- day Baptist Church of Vernon, Odeida County, New York. She became a widow and moved to Washington, New Hampshire to be near her daughter, Delight Oakes who taught there.

She introduced the Sabbath to a group of people engrossed with the preparation for the Lord’s Second Advent (Adventists). Her literature eventually gained as a convert Fredrick wheeler, a Methodist preacher. At about March, 1844 Wheeler later related and began to observe the Seventh- day Sabbath. Mrs. Oakes soon in turn embraced the Seventh- day Adventist teachings. Thus the first little Sabbatharian Adventist group came in to being.

Mrs. Oakes later got married to Nathan T. Preston and moved back to Vernon, Vermont. She died there and was buried in Tyler Sunset Cemeter

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